D.I.V.A.s™ is Heading to Texas this Summer!

This summer we'll be teaming up with the City of Allen (TX) to bring D.I.V.A.s to the Lone Star State and we couldn't be more excited! 

D.I.V.A.’s (Divine Inspired Versatile Artists) Summer Apprenticeship is a program designed to introduce girls (ages 10-17) to performance/slam poetry & creative writing and theater & acting. Participants will learn public speaking and self-expression, explore different writing styles to find a 'voice' to speak through, learn about the world of performance poetry, and how to create poetry that reads as well as it sounds in live performance. 

This program will increase the girls' confidence in public speaking, build their writing skills in the highly expressive field of poetry, and inspire the possibility of becoming professional writers and/or performance artists.  It will also garner self-esteem and various forms of expressing different emotions, as well as learning to co-operate and work in groups.

Interested in registering? Click here to visit our events page and we'll see you in Texas.

We Are Affiliates of Essex County!

We are ecstatic to work directly with Essex County to continue in our mission of empowering girls and women to re-imagine the trajectory of their lives through innovative, high-quality arts-inspired programs and services designed to heal

Essex County is making strides and setting a new standard for forward-thinking and progressive counties, and we are delighted to contribute to its continued success of 'Putting Essex County First.'