If you don’t like the picture being painted, grab your brush and blank canvas, and start your own masterpiece.
— Universe Konadu

Universe konadu INSPIRES AND empowers girls & women to re-imagine the trajectory of their lives.

Universe Konadu is a published author, award-winning slam poet, transformational speaker, Self-Actualization coach, arts-educator, community leader, philanthropist and business owner. She has worked with countless girls and women across the globe from Los Angeles, CA to Ghana, West Africa delivering dynamic messages of empowerment.

Universe represents healing of the silent voices of the bullied little girl, the child abused behind closed doors, the fatherless daughter, the suicidal teen, the broken young woman and the otherwise ‘neglected.’

She has an innate and unique ability to inspire growth and change in those who are dedicated to achieving their goals and living their fullest potential. She recognizes the gamut of challenges individuals and communities face today, and the ever-growing need for insight and empowered choice making. Universe focuses on the ‘whole person’ (spirit mind body), offering personalized comprehensive therapeutic services through a variety of arts-inspired programs to girls and women that support their personal and professional growth.


Did you know Universe Konadu relocated from her hometown of Dallas, TX to NYC with $22 in her pocket, a dream in her heart and no real, solid plan? Find out more about her inspiring story, the academy, mission, what sets us apart and other arts-inspired programs supported by Universe Konadu and her foundation UNIVERSE KONADU ARTS Movement - a non-profit organization providing innovative, high-quality and equal access to arts-in-education programs, services and events

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