is our group-mentoring program designed to offer a more personalized mentoring experience, within a group setting, with a max ratio of 8:1. This program is unique in that it addresses the specific needs of each participant within the peer group, while incorporating a group structure. From personalized group field trips to ongoing workshops and events for the entire family, UNIVERSE KONADU SEEDS! Peer-to-Peer offers a comprehensive approach with a proven success track.

Girls who successfully complete the program will advance to the UNIVERSE KONADU Artistpreneur Academy for Emerging Leaders, which includes travel learning in Ghana, West Africa and an internship through the UNIVERSE KONADU L.I.T. (Ladies Independently Thriving) work-to-learn and independent living program.


SEEDS! Peer-to-Peer 


What SEEDS! Peer-to-Peer Includes:

• Face-to-face and Interactive (phone, email and social media) contacts.

• Peer-involved discussions, extracurricular activities, tutoring, homework assistance and school visits.

• Life Skills teachings include education planning, financial literacy, goal-setting, leadership, decision-making, critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, stress and anger management, interpersonal relationship skills, and empathy/compassion for others.

• Personal/Self Development teachings include character building, sensitivity training (acceptance), emotional wellness, health and wellness, hygiene, etiquette, and attitude.

• Ongoing workshops: college prep, work-readiness, GED prep, financial literacy, and personal development for families.

• Personalized group field trips [i.e. mentees interested in studying abroad will take trip to local university to speak with study abroad advisor, mentees interested in the military will take trip to local recruitment office, etc.].

• Direct-learning and service-learning projects (part of our ‘giving back’ and community-involvement initiative).

• Arts-inspired outings and events.

• Sorority membership. SuperKnovas is a dynamic, “members only” sorority created and developed for girls who have demonstrated academic excellence, strong leadership skills, dedication to their personal development, and a desire to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit and hone their artistic gifts/talents.


UK Bucks!

Special incentives for the families we serve who show up for themselves. 

Families who participate in the UK Bucks Incentives must have a student in their household who is currently enrolled in the UNIVERSE KONADU SEEDS! program.  

  UNIVERSE KONADU Junior Arts Academy

for Emerging Leaders

is a school-based collegiate program designed to compliment scholars' academic studies, offer life skills training, and assist in personal and career development. 

Scholars who successfully graduate receive preferential admission to the UNIVERSE KONADU Artistpreneur Academy for Emerging Leaders. 

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Students choose their artistic area of interest from a variety of program options, and work as a team on a program-long arts-inspired project that will be presented to their peers, school staff and faculty, parents and community members during the concluding graduation ceremony and banquet.

  Specialized Curriculum

Our specialized curriculum addresses the need for spiritual (inner work), cultural and social development in girls. It also offers a fun approach to bully intervention and preventative methods purposed to combat all forms of bullying, raising awareness in schools and communities on its devastating effects, and providing strategies that focus on conflict resolution, anger and stress management, character building and sensitivity training.

Service Learning.jpg

Direct & service learning

We believe experience is the best teacher. So, what better way to learn how to do something than by actually doing it? Through direct and service learning, girls have the opportunity to put their classroom instruction into practice.


If you are an educational institution, community organization or social services agency interested in providing the Universe Konadu SEEDS! or Universe Konadu Junior Arts Academy for Emerging Leaders program to a cohort of students, please contact our offices directly at (800) 979-1495 or click here to complete the General Service Request form.

If you are a referring agency you must complete the Online Recommendation Form.

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