Summer Apprenticeships/Camps

This program is offered year-round at some locations.

The D.I.V.A.’s (Divine Inspired Versatile Artists) Summer Apprenticeship is a 6-week program to introduce girls (ages 10-17) to performance/slam poetry & creative writing and theater & acting. 

During this program, the girls will learn about the following poetry forms: Lyric Poetry, Free Verse, and Haiku.  They will also discuss and participate in slam-styled forms of expression, and learn how to emote their written works effectively for an audience. Participants will engage in various role-playing activities (ex. – discuss different emotions and how to express them both broadly and subtly), perform monologues and skits, and explore improvisation.  Students will also have completed at least 2 poems, including a slam/performance piece, which they will showcase in a culminating presentation at the end of the program.

The girls will learn public speaking and self-expression, explore different writing styles to find a 'voice' to speak through, learn about the world of performance poetry, and how to create poetry that reads as well as it sounds in live performance. 

This program will increase the girls' confidence in public speaking, build their writing skills in the highly expressive field of poetry, and inspire the possibility of becoming professional writers and/or performance artists.  It will also garner self-esteem and various forms of expressing different emotions, as well as learning to co-operate and work in groups.

Week One: What Is Poetry?  Identifying Emotions.

Week Two: Improvisation. Journey to Japan.

Week Three:  Lyrics to Go. Approaching the Script.

Week Four: Slamming and Performing.

Week Five: Take It to the Stage!

Week Six: It’s SHOWTIME! Practicum

Optional Two Additional Weeks (total 8 weeks)

Week Six: MY voice. Incorporating Personality Into Performance.

Week Seven: Ready. Set. Slam! Competition.

Week Eight: It's SHOWTIME! Practicum.

This program is offered year-round at some locations.

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