Empowered Finances


This is the year I change my financial situation!  I’d heard myself say it before.  Therefore, it sounded all too familiar.  Until the year I actually put some action behind my words.

If you’re like most people (including myself), you grew up learning about finances by watching your parents struggle and/or mismanage money [don’t judge them, they grew up the same way]. 

As a result, you were programmed with the belief that there’s never quite enough causing you to focus more on what you don’t have (what you perceive as lack), as opposed to turning your attention to what’s already available to you. 

In turn, this has kept you in a perpetual cycle of creating the same stressful money experience – subconsciously basing the now on an obsolete narrative you continue to replay from memory.  I know because I’ve been there and still at times struggle.

Together, we’re going to do some mental deconstructing and I’m going to share one of my favorite FREE resources for doing so.

If I was going to change my money situation, first I had to face the mirror and be honest with myself about the relationship between money and the person staring back at me.

Then, I had to change the way I thought about money.

Not just in some wishful thinking sort of way but like, taking some real, practical steps to create new financial patterns.

Once I did so, I started to see my income/revenue grow, valuables/assets increase and debt/liabilities plummet.

No matter your budget, it’s important to know how to maximize your money!

This brilliant woman, Tiffany ‘The Budgetnista’ Aliche’, is leading women of color/African ancestry, from all across the globe, to financial freedom. She’s so dope that she created a financial literacy curriculum for middle school students, which was recently signed into law by the state of New Jersey! In addition, she’s appeared on CNN, Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Real, MSNBC…and the list goes on.

I’ve gained an immense amount of valuable knowledge from applying the information I’ve learned from The Budgetnista.

If you’re serious [like I was/am] about your money, check out these FREE resources below. 

You can thank me later. ;-)

http://www.livericherchallenge.net/ (budgeting and saving edition)

https://thebudgetnistablog.com/2017/welcome-lrc-credit-challenge/ (credit edition)