Those in service who care are like great gardeners: they know the importance of planting the right seeds understanding that one day those very seeds will bear fruit. - Universe Konadu

We Are On A Mission!


While our CEO & Founder has been serving communities worldwide for over 15 years with innovative trailblazing programs and services, we [the social enterprise] have been on our mission since 2010. And our mission is simple: Inspiring and empowering girls and women to re-imagine the trajectory of their lives.

Universe Konadu, CEO & Chief Creative Visionary, made a bold decision to leave everything familiar in her hometown of Dallas, TX and relocate to New York City with $22 in her pocket and a dream in her heart. As a first generation student who comes from very humble beginnings, Universe was no stranger to hard work, faith, perseverance and big dreams. After attending college, and landing what she thought was her dream job in the social services field, Universe was quickly inspired to forge a new path. Having always had an affinity for writing and performing arts, and remembering the positive impact arts had on her as a teenage girl whose life quickly began a downward spiral; driven by the memories of her mother [a struggling single parent of two and sole provider] working 12-hour shifts seven days a week and she and her sister often being alone with countless idle time for mischief; encouraged by the realization that she didn't have to live according to how she had been labeled (i.e. 'at-risk', 'high-risk', 'statistic'); empowered by the stories of others who had dared to dream, Universe embarked on a journey to create and develop the ideal company she envisioned.

Fast forward to now.

As an organization serving the divine feminine, our mission is inspiring and empowering girls and women to re-imagine the trajectory of their lives. We focus on the ‘whole’ person (spirit mind body), offering comprehensive therapeutic services to girls and women through a variety of arts-inspired programs that support their personal and professional growth. We use the arts as a tool for healing trauma and empowering participants to take responsibility for their future. From arts and culture enrichment to enhancing social capital, we provide evolutionary programs and services strategically designed to produce ripple effects in the lives of participants, impacting their peers, families and communities for a lifetime.

Our goal is to empower girls and women academically, financially, emotionally and spiritually, and prevent youth involvement with the Juvenile Justice System through arts-immersion, positive peer support, increased interests in post-secondary education opportunities, community involvement & support, and parent participation.

Since initiating her vision, Universe Konadu and her team of artists and educators have worked with countless girls and women across the globe from Los Angeles, CA to Ghana, West Africa delivering transformative programs and services, and dynamic messages of empowerment.