UNIVERSE KONADU Artistpreneur™ Academy

for Emerging Leaders

Universe Konadu Artistpreneur™ Academy for Emerging Leaders is a prestigious association offering an innovative collegiate arts-in-business curriculum specially designed to enrich the lives of high school girls ages 14-18 with a strong interest in, and passion for, arts and entrepreneurship. With tiered courses providing engaging and practical activities, girls develop leadership skills that empower them to make more informed life choices.

Travel-learning (study abroad), internships and an alumni sorority...oh my!

Emerging Leaders set clear goals to graduate high school, continue on to post-secondary education opportunities, start their own businesses and live independently.

This program does not interfere with students' daily school schedule.


classes offered in spring, summer & fall

Classes are offered during the spring, summer and fall semesters culminating with a final production/presentation. Year 1 (Purple Tier) concludes with a graduation celebration and girls advance to year 2 (Gold Tier), making them eligible to participate in the Academy AbroadUniverse Konadu L.I.T. (Ladies Independently Thriving) and SuperKnovasprograms.

Academy Abroad

An exposure to the world! Gold Tier leveled Emerging Leaders are offered the opportunity to travel-learn in Ghana, West Africa, gaining valuable knowledge in international business and empowering local girls through educational opportunities. This exposure to world culture will enhance the students' desire to travel and do business in relatively unfamiliar territory, help them gain a better perspective of cultural differences, and challenge them to value those differences as being as valid and important as their own.

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Universe Konadu L.I.T.

A work-to-learn internship and independent living program offering Gold Tier leveled Emerging Leaders the opportunity to develop their skills and talents through real-world experience. Interns are matched according to their specific area of interest(s), and work alongside executives and their teams to help prepare them as leaders and entrepreneurs. Prior to starting the internship, students have shown their dedication to their own self-development by successfully completing Year 1 (Purple Tier) of the UNIVERSE KONADU Artistpreneur™ Academy for Emerging Leaders.

SuperKnovas™ is a dynamic, members only sorority created and developed for emerging leaders who have demonstrated academic excellence, strong leadership skills, dedication to their personal development, and a desire to hone their artistic gifts/talents and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit.

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