This Month's Tip


‘Let go of your should thinking and accept things exactly as they are. In this very moment. Fully surrendered to the now.’ - Universe

There is no should in life. There is only what you have done and what you have yet to do. When we think in terms of ‘should,’ we tend to shift our focus away from appreciation to a perception of what we lack. We beat ourselves up as we make irrational comparisons of our life to the lives of people all around us; most of whom we’ve never met. This, unconsciously, creates a mental downward spiral that usually results in feelings of failure and/or inadequacy as we lament over what we think should be.

Who wants to experience that? I certainly don’t! I know you don’t either.

Adjusting our thinking to accept the present moment as it is, right in the moment, creates feelings and thoughts of gratitude causing us to be more open to the unfolding of life rather than cling to an obsolete narrative of what should be. The key is remembering because each of us have a purpose that is unique to our own existence, no two paths will ever look the same or require the exact things. Therefore, measuring your accomplishments against another’s is counter-productive and thwarting.

Make a self-agreement, today, to let go of your should thinking trusting the ‘now’ is the precise place and time.

Love you,

Universe <3