$22 And A Dream: Why I Trust My Intuition

Had I mentioned to anyone I was headed to the most overpriced city in the country with a mere twenty-two dollars [after paying my first month's rent], a dream/vision yearning within that wouldn't take no for an answer and no real solid plan, I probably would've really second guessed my decision to go.  As unconventional, free-spirited and free-thinking as I am, I had an actual moment of fear when I wondered if I was doing the 'right' thing.  Of course, it was just a moment.  A very fleeting one.

When I gathered my things into storage, packed my U-haul and jumped on the road with my sister (Earth), and a mutual friend, I had no idea I'd be where I am today.  I knew something magical and unexplainable was happening when I stood certain on the Jersey side of the Hudson (I later learned that pit stop for gas was Hoboken, NJ), excited about what was unfolding.  In the pleasant lassitude of the afternoon sun, with its rays caressing my back as I skipped rocks across the water with twenty-two dollars in my pocket and a dream in my heart, I imagined all of the possibilities for my life.  The more I envisioned them the more they became my reality. 

I had to trust the process.

I accepted odd and freelance jobs to make ends meet and burned the midnight oil at least six nights a week, often working 18-20 hours a day, building my business.  I struggled financially and even had my mother lovingly attempt to convince me to 'move back home.'  But, nothing could permanently distort my vision.  No matter how many valleys I found myself in (and boy were there valleys!), I knew if I continued moving forward I'd inevitably reach a peak. Just as with each climb before, after all of the stress, worry and lots of tears, I'd realize once standing atop the mountain, everything needed for the journey had already been supplied. Even in the most foggiest of moments.

Though I haven't always listened to my intuition/Godself/heart (or whatever other concept has been used to describe it) because sometimes circumstances made it challenging, I have always trusted it.  I've learned from experience that when we venture boldly beyond our comfort zones into the unknown - which is usually what we fear most, extraordinary things happen.

Will the path test your perseverance, faith and dedication?  Undoubtedly!  Are you guaranteed the peak of the mountain if you just keep going?  Absolutely!  If you make a conscious choice to continue moving forward you will reach the mark.  

Stay the course. Take a detour. Enjoy the climb.