Dancing to the Beat of Your Own Drum

There is a profound freedom in following your own path – what resonates as true for you.  - Universe Konadu

Everyone has an opinion.  I've come to that realization rather quickly.  However, one of the most simple yet profound truths I’ve learned is, “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

I love SpongeBob SquarePants.  That may seem a bit juvenile, but you’ll understand.  Now, I’m not much for ‘candy’ television (programming with no substance as Mama Oprah refers to it), but SpongeBob is the man.  I was watching the show one day and it dawned on me – the reason I am so drawn to his character is because he is so elusive to what other people think of him.  His neighbor, Squidward, can’t stomach him, but SpongeBob has no idea…he is completely oblivious to it.  I love it!  I thought to myself, “What a way to live: going through life being what is true for you despite what anyone else thinks!” SpongeBob inspires me! 

When we live our lives according to others’ opinions, we fall out of rhythm with ourselves and trip over our own feet; we disrupt our natural flow.  Our heart/intuition (the inner voice) becomes so faint because of the noise, that we unconsciously ignore what resonates as true for us in order to satisfy the opinions of others.  Where is the freedom in that?

Freedom comes

from dancing to the beat

of your own drum

Being present

and aligned

with One

We all deserve to give ourselves permission to live an authentic life, acknowledging that each of us are our own unique individual person.  Look at your fingerprint.  Not even one other person on this planet has the same one.  Imagine that!  This means there is no one else in the world like you, literally.  You are your own standard – created distinctively, on purpose.  Your blueprint is a one-of-a-kind!

It’s time to get back into your rhythm.  You can only dance with the flow of your life when the beat sounds familiar.  And the beat will only sound familiar when it’s coming from your drum. 

So, here’s to Dancing to the Beat of Your Own Drum!